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Child Care Resource is a nonprofit organization serving Chittenden County families since 1984. Originally called Child Care Resource & Referral, we were founded as the result of a United Way Task Force study on child care needs. At that time, nationally and in Vermont, women were entering the work force in large numbers.

With parents at work, children need programs that  provide nurturing care and learning opportunities. Families need help finding programs, including after-school care and summer camps. Employers recognize that it is in their interest to assist employees with their child care needs.

Since 1984 we have helped Chittenden County families by processing financial assistance applications, locating quality care for their children and working with child care providers and the children in their care to enhance the positive experience child care brings families.

What We Do Today

Child Care Resource continues to provide core services to families – helping them find child care and providing access to financial subsidies. We are behind the scenes in child care everyday helping early childhood educators develop knowledge and skills and providing them with access to the resources they seek to support the children in their care. Child Care Resource provides critical information to decision-makers such as community planners, legislators, school administrators, and human resource managers interested in addressing systemic community child care needs and challenges. By tracking trends in child care supply and demand and keeping abreast of new approaches, we help communities create solutions that increase access, quality, and sustainability. Our current programs include::

  • CCFAP – Child Care Financial Assistance Program;
  • Referral – locating qualified child care for families;
  • SCC – Specialized Childcare as part of Children’s Integrated Services in Chittenden County;
  • Child Care Consultation & Training.
  • Burlington First Steps Program