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At Child Care Resource we believe that professional development is key to your experience as an early educator and to the quality of the child care you offer.    Registration is now OPEN for seminars in September through December!


Q:  Does the training qualify for Advanced Specialized Child Care?    A:  Yes

Q:  Why do you charge for the seminars?  They used to cost much less.    A:  At one time, CCR received funding from the State of Vermont to support our professional development offerings.  In 2017, the Child Development Division (CDD) of the Agency of Human Services stopped funding this program in all 12 state regions, including CCR.  As a result we now are responsible for paying each of the presenters their requested rate, as well as the facility for the use of their room and kitchen, and we pay CCR staff to register and staff the training. The fee we charge is necessary for us to cover our costs.

Q:  Are there scholarships available?   A: Unfortunately not at this time.

Q:  Can I register and then pay when I arrive at the seminar?   A:  No. You will not be considered registered unless we have received payment.  We make a decision 7 days prior to the seminar to cancel the event if it is under-registered. You may register on-line and mail us a check as long as we receive the payment more than 7 days prior to the training. 

Q: If I need to cancel my attendance will I receive a refund?   A:  Child Care Resource  will be happy to refund the cost of your class minus a $10 processing fee if you cancel more than 7 days prior to the date of the class. After that time, there will be no refunds. You may always substitute another person in your place, however.  We will issue a full refund if CCR decides to cancel a class.

Q: Where are the seminars held? A: With the exception of the October 15th seminar, each training will be held at the Essex Alliance Church on Old Stage Road in Essex.  The October 15th training will be held at Williston Federated Church, 44 North Williston Road in Williston. Click on the location for a map.

Q:  Will you be offering training in the Spring?  A.  Yes keep checking this page, we will have a listing available by late March



Please click on the classes below to find out more information & register.

January 25, 9:00—3:30 “Enhancing Resilience in Children” with Steve Atkins. Price $90

How it is some young people adjust and function better when compared to others dealing with life stressors? What is resiliency and what are ways to help children develop the life skills that will equip them to grow and flourish? Psychologists, other mental health professionals and child care professionals can play a key role in helping children understand the concept of resilience and “grit” when living through difficult situations and/or traumatic events. Attendees will leave the presentation with a better understanding of what resiliency means, as well as ways to enhance their skills when working with children. Concrete clinical examples will be offered as options for professionals to use and add into their “tool box” for child care approaches.

Dr. Atkins is a NH & VT licensed psychologist and school consultant whose practice focuses on a range of issues, including: specific learning disabilities, ADHD, developmental theory, school-related mental health issues/policy and systemic theory.

This training will be held at the Essex Alliance Church, Old Stage Road in Essex.

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