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At Child Care Resource we believe that professional development is key to your experience as an early educator and to the quality of the child care you offer.

Exciting Winter Seminars at CCR!

Advanced Training for Child Care Providers and People who Work with Children

Training will be held at the Essex Alliance Church, 37 Old Stage Road in Essex Junction. The cost is $80 per person per training for a full day of training, which includes a delicious lunch. Call us with questions 802-863-3367 or email


December 5, 2018 – Lisa Guerrero

“Guiding Young Children”

Join Lisa  as she explores ways to support young children’s social-emotional development and help them grow toward self-regulation. Learn practical strategies for helping children engage in positive behaviors through relationship-building, indirect guidance (managing space, equipment, materials, people), verbal guidance (active listening, redirection, positive direction, clear choices), and physical guidance (touch, proximity, smiling).

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January 12, 2019 – Ellen Drolette

“Overcoming Teacher Burnout in Early Childhood”

This training, based on Ellen’s book of the same title, will allow participants to engage in small and large group discussion, self-reflection, and inspirational stories from the field that will not only fuel them but help them learn lessons along the way. Join Ellen for an uplifting, inspirational, deep dive into the topics of burnout and low-morale, leadership, compassion fatigue, mental health, optimism, attitude and being present.

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February 13, 2019 – Scott Noyes

“Intentional Language: Understanding the Words we Use with Children”

By evaluating the phrases children are being told daily, parents and care providers understand the impact of their words. This workshop looks at ten common expressions adults use with kids. Discovering language flaws and finding ways to better express ourselves supports healthy relationships with children.  Avoiding the pitfalls in communicating with children is the primary focus of this exciting session.

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March 13, 2019 – Natanya Vanderlaan, Prevent Child Abuse VT

“Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development and Overcoming Barriers to Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse”

In this workshop we will discuss best practices to nurture healthy sexual development as well as overcome barriers that arise in protecting children. Nurturing healthy sexual development plays an important role in protecting children from sexual abuse and/or developing sexually abusive behaviors. In this workshop we will gain information and skills to develop and maintain open communication with children, identify and respond to expected as well as concerning sexual behaviors in children, and how to respond to children’s questions with positive messages of support. Also participants will consider what adults can do to assist communities in overcoming these common barriers to protecting children, learn to distinguish healthy adult behaviors from boundary violations and pre-offending behaviors, and practice directly addressing concerning behaviors.

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April 13, 2019 – Jeanine Fitzgerald

“No Senseless Behavior”

Challenging behaviors are not just a reflection of some emotional or social disturbance in a child. They are a symptom of an unsolved problem, often related to unmet needs or lack of skills and resources. Therefore, we must focus on what a child needs, instead of what an adult or system demands. It is time we moved beyond tradition and see challenging behavior as an opportunity to teach alternative ways to get authentic needs met. This session helps us do just that.

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