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Child Care Resource exists to unite with our community in making early care and education work! As a nonprofit human service organization, we help families and providers make child care connections, strengthen early learning opportunities, and create child care solutions for communities. We strive to ensure that children birth through age 12 are developing to their full potential and are well-prepared for school and life.

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Child Care and Pre-kindergarten Capacity Baseline Report

The November 2018 Vermont Legislative Joint Fiscal Office report demonstrates clearly the need for immediate attention to build the capacity of child care in-home providers and centers in Vermont. In 2018 there are 1,693 fewer available slots when compared to the total available in 2015.

“The most striking result of this analysis of child care capacity is the significant reduction in home providers and child care slots. These declines are universal across the counties with variation only in the size of the decline. This is mostly due to older providers leaving the market and fewer new entrants.”

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About Child Care Resource

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