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Reasons to Donate to Child Care Resource

Child Care Resource is just a phone call away for all kinds of families and their child care challenges

“Excellent Service!  Best way to find good childcare & know your options without making a million phone calls!”

Child Care Resource helps child care programs develop strong communities for their families.

“The trainings & reflective practice sessions have been invaluable and allow us to dive so much deeper into topics… The coaching has helped me sort through the complexities of working with a family in an unexpected crisis so I could be clear about my role and develop strategies to best support them.”

Child Care helps hundreds of children who might otherwise live with hunger have nutritious meals each day.

“The day after we planted the seeds, one kid came back from school and he was so excited. He started pulling something out of his pocket and said, I saved my apple seeds from lunch. He had taken his seed planting experience and thought “What’s in my apple is a seed.” He understood that the seed can turn into an apple, and the connection to what we were doing.”

Child Care Resource is our community’s local child care hub, we help and support them in extremely difficult time.

“When things were overwhelming and I did not know where else to turn, CCR was there, always willing to help. I was truly supported by caring people through an extremely difficult time.”

Child Care Resource helps families find child care and supporting the growth of quality child care options in Chittenden County.

“I can say thank you a million times but it will never be enough to express my family’s depth of gratitude for you and CCR. Even though our gains are small and have taken years to achieve, we have been able to slowly make our way forward thanks in large part to your dedication, determination, compassion, and caring.”

Child Care Resource has been helping our community grow kids for 30 years.

“The children who entered child care in 1984, the year we opened, have children of their own. Child Care Resource continues to be behind the scenes in child care, making child care work for 7,000 Chittenden County children.”

Child Care Resource helps families who are critically in need of child care.

“As a foster parent of three children under three, you truly helped make our transition with these children easier.” – local parent.