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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the difference between an on-line search and a “comprehensive” search?
A. Typically, a comprehensive search will provide you with much more information about a child care provider… important information such as if there are available openings and what their rates are.

Q. If I contact a referral specialist is there a charge for the search?
A. Not necessarily! If you work for a company that has a contract with us, or if you are eligible for or are receiving state assistance (in programs such as Reach-Up or the Child Care Financial Assistance program), there is no charge to you for our individualized referral services.

Q. What’s better… Family Child Care or Center Child Care?
A. That depends on you and your child. There is quality to be found in both types of care, so you need to decide what works best for you. Typically a home provides a smaller setting which is usually more “family-like” with a multi-age group setting with one provider. A center is in a larger setting with more providers and children who are usually grouped by age.

Q. Help! This is my first baby and my first time looking for child care. I don’t know anything at all about child care.
A. You are definitely not alone! Part of our job is to provide you with information about child care and answer questions you have as you go through the process of finding care.

Q. I’m having some problems with my current child care provider… What should I do?
A. We have information about how to maintain a comfortable relationship with your child’s provider and also direct you to resources to help you communicate and work with your provider.

Q. What are the “rules” for being a child care provider?
A. Vermont has a set of regulations for both registered home providers and licensed centers. Referral specialists can help you with your questions about these regulations and tell you how to contact the Child Development Division to get more information, including regulatory information on individual providers.