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“Our kids are almost grown now, but we still remember very well what it was like as a young family, trying to balance working life with the care and nurturing of our boys. CCR was a great resource for us in that period in our life, and we want their services to be there for the next generation of young families. That’s why we continue to support CCR’s mission.” Matt and Anna Grady Burlington, VT Recent science demonstrates that many children’s futures are undermined when stress damages the early architecture of the brain.  This stress may come from family tensions over a lost job or a death in the family or even changes in caregivers.  Serious and prolonged stress- toxic stress- makes babies’ brains release a chemical that stunts growth. What helps build and solidify brain architecture is positive and repeated interaction with attentive adults, and this is why high quality child care programs are so important to our children, our families, our communities, and our future economic prosperity and social well-being. Each day, over 7,000 Chittenden County children attend a child care or after-school program.

  • Many live in poverty;
  • Some have experienced abuse, neglect, or homelessness;
  • Some are new Americans;
  • Some have developmental, physical, emotional, or behavioral challenges.

No matter what the situation, Child Care Resource provides a full range of child care support services that assist families and child care providers in making child care work, and in helping children overcome obstacles so they can succeed in life. “Developmental scientists agree on some basic conclusions:  The early years are important.  Early relationships matter.  All children are born ready to learn, both intellectually and socially… Sensitive care giving provides the most essential catalyst for feats of intellectual growth.” Ross Thompson, Developmental Psychologist, Univ. of Cal, Davis.

For more information on ways you can help the children, families, and child care early educators of Chittenden County, please contact Executive Director, Jane Van Buren at (802) 863-3367, Ext. 118 or Donate Now using our on-line donation form.

Press Information:

Child Care Resource impacts the lives of thousands of children, families, and child care providers on an annual basis.  If you are press seeking detailed information, please contact our  Executive Director, Jane Van Buren at (802) 863-3367, Ext. 118.