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How to Select an Early Childhood Program for Your Young Child!

Child Care Resource offers several options for families who are researching available child care options in Chittenden County (and in other counties as well).

Search for child care on-line:

Register for free on-line searching.  Input your child care preferences for a list of programs that might meet your needs.

Speak with a Referral Specialist:

Call us or come in to speak with a Referral Specialist who will refine your search by using detailed information about your needs and finding program openings to match.  This basic service is at no cost to you.

Community Service Policy

Child Care Resource strives to provide high quality service to the community. It is our goal to treat everyone in a respectful and thoughtful manner. We will give prompt attention to any concern.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Child Care Referral Service, please contact us and ask for the Executive Director. Child Care Resource will make every effort to evaluate and address concerns or complaints, and will use feedback to make improvements as appropriate to the situation.