Registered and Licensed Homes

Registered Homes

Registered Family Child Care Homes are in-home child care businesses regulated by the State of Vermont. Child care services are provided in an individual person’s home. The person that is registered develops the program and is the primary teacher and caregiver. They are required to meet Vermont’s regulations for quality and safety for registered homes.

Click here for more information on the regulations of registered family care homes.

According to the State of Vermont Regulation, a registered family child care provider can care for:

  • up to 6 children under the age of 6 on a full-time basis, including up to 2 under the age of 2.
  • 4 school age children (for no more than 4 hours/day), in addition to their own children.

Licensed Homes

Licensed Homes are home-based programs that operate under regulations that are similar to those for licensed centers. The number of children they take depends on the square footage of space available to children in care. Usually, Licensed Homes take 12 children and have 2 child care providers. There are very few licensed child care homes.



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