Parenting Tips

Parenting Tips are sheets that can be printed out on many popular parenting topics. Some of the topics covered are: Discipline; Sibling Rivalry; Balancing Work and Family; Tantrums; and Fears. Great for parents with children from infant to 10 years old.

Two unique collections of quick, easy to read sheets filled with tips and useful information. Each sheet focuses on a specific topic based upon parents most asked questions. Available exclusively through Child Care Resource!

Collection I: Understanding Your Child

How to Temper those Tantrums
They’re a young child’s response to life’s frustrations.

Once Upon a Time
Books, books, and more books… they’re a vital part of your child’s development!

Help! My Children’s Fighting is Driving Me Crazy!
Sibling Rivalry: You can’t stop it, but you can make it easier on everyone.

What do I do about my Picky Eaters?
Parents choose what, when, and how food is offered; Children choose how much to eat and whether to eat at all.

How to Get Those ZZZ’s
Establishing appropriate and consistent bedtime routines can help your child develop good sleep habits that benefit the whole family.

Ever Wonder How To Help Your Child Feel Great About Himself?
Self Esteem: Children need respect and honest praise.

How Can I Help My Child Get Along with Others?
Making Friends: Learning to share is one of the hardest jobs in life.

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!
Fears: All children have them, both real and imaginary.

I Can’t Do It All! How do I Manage?
Balancing Work and Family: Routines for the rough spots.

Help! My Child is Out of Control
Discipline: A positive approach involves understanding way your child is behaving the way she is.

Why does my Child React this Way?
Temperament: Understanding your child’s temperament allows you to relate to him in a new way.

Growing Up is Hard to Do!
Challenging Behavior: It’s normal for children to act out once in a while no matter what age they are.


Collection II: Health and Safety

Make sure your little tater tot doesn’t grow into a couch potato!

Accidental injuries are the most common threat to your child’s health.

Staying Safe on Their Own
No one wants their children to be fearful of everything and everyone around them.

Dental Care for Dental Health
Preventative care for teeth means less extensive and less expensive care in the future.

Medical Communication
Medical care is a two-way street.

Looking Good and Feeling Fine
Children feel good when they can look after themselves.

Preventing Sickness
An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Infectious Diseases
Frequent illnesses are the rule, not the exception for most children.

Coping with Calamities
Children need to be prepared for emergencies.

Environmental Health
Pollution can affect your child’s health.

Second Hand Smoke
How can I protect my children from secondhand smoke?


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