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Dates: May 18th, June 2nd, June 6th

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Each seminar will provide 6 professional development hours.  All seminars count towards Advanced Specialized Care hours.


Nobody Left to Hate – March 10, 2018  NO LONGER ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS 

The fastest growing population of criminals in the United States are our children, according to the Federal Department of Juvenile Justice.  These patterns of behavior are observed in younger children, some as young as preschool and appear more random and without reason.  Children with these behaviors in the youngest of years are more likely to develop violent tendencies, mental health issues, chemical dependency, criminal behaviors and/or become prisoners.  Fortunately, there are many interventions available and this session will examine a framework of developmental strategies that effectively and efficiently address the aggressive and hateful behaviors of children.  

  • CDA Subject Areas: 3, 4 and 8
  • Core Knowledge Areas: Child Development, Teaching and Learning, Families and Communities


Telling the Story Differently  – May 18, 2018 NO LONGER ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS

Our culture’s relentless focus on shortcomings and weaknesses has turned into an obsession, and it has perpetrated an uptight, suspicious, detached and pill=popping society.  There is a growing population of parents, professionals, and children feeling inferior, inadequate and insignificant.  We have children starving in a world of excess.  It is time we rewrite the story and channel the possibilities that have been hiding in plain sight, into the most worthwhile contributions. This session will examines ways to support children on their journey of discovering their best self.

  • CDA Subject Areas: 3 and 4
  • Core Knowledge Areas: Child Development, Families and Communities, How We Teach


Reclaiming the Culture of Childhood – June 2, 2018 NO LONGER ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS

Childhood is the stage of development when the most active learning happens.  Yet, more and more parents and professionals of young children are seeing the world through their biased lens of adulthood, rather than getting into the culture of children.  We cannot rewind childhood!  Therefore, it is time to appreciate children for who they are and examine how children use play, wonder and risk to build a strong foundation for life.  

  • CDA Subject Areas: 3, 7 and 8
  • Core Knowledge Areas: Child Development, How We Teach, Observing and Assessing


Islands of Happiness – June 6, 2018  NO LONGER ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS

Over the past 40 years, I have observed behavior for the sole purpose of answering on question, “What really matters?”  In that search, I have been able to identify the patterns that lead to a lifestyle of authenticity, hope, and happiness.  In this session, we will reveal the roots of happiness and ways to live joyfully.  

  • CDA Subject Areas: 3 and 6
  • Core Knowledge Areas: Teaching and Learning, Professionalism and Program Organization


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