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Family Childcare Preschool Partnership

Family child care providers often find that when children reach the age of 3, parents think it’s time to consider a larger childcare center. Now, with the support of public schools and Child Care Resource, parents who prefer the personal feeling and lower cost of an in-home family child care setting can be assured that their child will receive the same quality preschool education they need to be ready for kindergarten.


In 2008, Child Care Resource designed a program to assist family child care providers in offering pre-kindergarten education as part of their programs. With start-up funding from the Vermont Community Preschool Collaborative, Child Care Resource developed partnerships with several school districts and family child care providers to ensure high quality early learning experiences for 3-5 year olds residing in those respective school districts. This program continues today and is a great option for improving quality and retaining three and four year old children in family child care.

How the Program Works:

Participating providers must attain and maintain a high level of quality recognition from the State of Vermont through the STep Ahead to Recognition System (STARS), offer curriculum consistent with the Vermont Early Learning Standards, and use Teaching Strategies Gold to assess children’s development. 

During the school year, each week a licensed early childhood educator employed by Child Care Resource visits each participating program for 3 hours to consult and mentor. Together, the teacher and provider develop learning opportunities for the children that are consistent with the Vermont Early Learning Standards (VELS).

The teacher assists the provider in using Teaching Strategies Gold to assess children’s developmental progress.  The teacher assists the provider in offering conferences to parents twice per year to share  information about their child’s progress.

The providers and teacher meet as needed to share ideas and discuss the project. Additionally, each provider receives a stipend to invest in professional development and/or purchase materials to enhance program curriculum.

Participating preschoolers receive quality early education in a nurturing home environment while providers increase the quality of their program.

The Benefits to Your Program:

By participating in this program, you will receive the training and support needed to provide high quality pre-kindergarten education that meets the qualifications of Vermont’s Act 62 Pre-Kindergarten Law.

Children benefit the most from stable, caring, continuous relationships with skilled and knowledgeable teachers or caregivers. Yet, often parents choose to move their child to a center-based program when they turn 3.  By offering Act 62 qualified pre-kindergarten services, you can retain families who would otherwise move their child.  As a pre-kindergarten partnership participant, children in your program will continue to receive appropriate early education experiences in a familiar, nurturing environment. 


Parents simply pay the tuition based upon your rates. There is no additional cost to you or to families. Funding from the school district pays for these enhanced services.

Quote from a participating provider:

“Most importantly, the Child Care Resource teacher has validated with me that I am doing a fantastic job teaching our children all they need to know and more prior to entering Kindergarten and that quality preschool learning can and does happen within a home childcare setting.”


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