Businesses Offering Enhanced Child Care Referral As a Benefit

Some employers will include enhanced child care referral services as part of their employee benefit package through an agreement with Child Care Resource.  This service includes an unlimited number of searches with current and projected openings confirmed within the last 2 business days, consultation on child care issues, and written information including providers’ compliance history.

Check below to see if your employer offers this benefit.  If your employer is not on the list, ask if they would like to join!

Here is a list of local employers who provide enhanced child care referral assistance to their employees:

Businesses support working parents in many ways. Check to see if your employer has a plan that allows you to set aside pretax dollars from your paycheck to pay for child care.  Click here for other ways that your employer can assist you or support the child care community.

Check out the Vermont Employers Guide to Child Care Solutions!



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