Frequently Asked Financial Assistance Questions

Q.  What is child care financial assistance?
A. Child care financial assistance is a payment that assists eligible Vermont families with the cost of child care. The financial assistance is available to parents who meet eligibility criteria to help cover the fee for eligible child care. The child care financial assistance is paid directly to the child care provider.

Q.  Who is eligible to receive child care financial assistance?
A. If you are the parent or primary caretaker of a child and meet the eligibility guidelines, you may be eligible to receive child care financial assistance. Child Care Resource processes applications for eligibility for families that reside in Chittenden County.

Q.  Do I qualify for the child care financial assistance program?
A. To qualify for the child care financial assistance program, a family has to have a need for child care and meet income guidelines, or have a Reach Up Authorization.

Q.  What if my provider charges more than the financial assistance program pays?
A. If the child care provider charges more than the financial assistance, the parent is typically responsible for paying the difference between the financial assistance amount and the fee. You may be eligible for a scholarship through the City of Burlington. Contact Rebecca Reese​ at the City of Burlington for more information.    802.865.7533

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