Growing Kids South Burlington 

Growing Kids South Burlington Mission

Growing Kids South Burlington brings our community together to generate the energy, ideas, and practices that make South Burlington one of the greatest places for a family to raise young children. It is a collaborative project of the South Burlington School District and Child Care Resource connecting all community members who care about families, children, and our future. Our mission is to ensure that all South Burlington children enter kindergarten eager to learn and ready to participate. 

Help Your Growing Kids Go to Kindergarten: Eager to learn and ready to participate!

In South Burlington, we believe a child needs rich, active environments that support imagination, making friends, and learning about the world.

It’s important for families and programs to provide these experiences.

If this is in place, a child will enter school eager to learn and ready to take the next important steps in their life-long learning process.

Growing Kids South Burlington is a collaboration between the South Burlington School District and Child Care Resource. Contact Amy Ide at 863-3367 ext 131 or email: for more information.

Free Books from Growing Kids South Burlington

Announcement  Did you know that Growing Kids South Burlington offers a FREE Birthday Book Program for children ages 0-5 that live in South Burlington? Registration is easy. Visit for an online registration form, or contact Amy at 863-3367 ext. 131 or for more information.



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